Plantcake is a vegan cooking & baking and lifestyle blog focusing on everything sweet! So, desserts, treats, cocktails, sweet breakfast!

We cover vegan recipes, cooking and baking methods, techniques, even news.

Do you have a comment, question or request? Send us an email: hello (at) plantcake.com. We always reply back within 24 hours (except on the weekends and national holidays.)


Meet Our Team

Our team consists of the following dessert-loving people:


Meet Mira


  • Founder of Plantcake 
  • Favorite drink: peach iced tea
  • Favorite sweet treat: salted caramel
  • Recent food obsession: carrot cake
  • Hates: grapefruit
  • Hobbies: yoga, reading, making cute lunch boxes


Meet David

  • In charge of technical stuff
  • Also has a crazy sweet tooth
  • Favorite drink: soda
  • Favorite sweet treat: custard puffs
  • Recent food obsession: walnut cake
  • Hates: cantaloupe
  • Hobbies: playing video games, taking pictures of his cats


Meet Ali and Bona

  • In charge of: eating ALL the morsels from the floor
  • Favorite things: a warm lap to sleep on, running up and down the stairs, scaring Mira and David by jumping on them from the dark